It may be difficult to see the drama in this if one is not ensconced deeply in the politics of the Castro, but bear with us. Local blogger and activist Michael Petrelis claims he was arrested by San Francisco sheriffs for violating the privacy of Supervisor Scott Wiener, and this latest development comes after a lengthy dispute between the two.

Things began much earlier, and Petrelis has clashed with Wiener over the nudity ban, and over the rainbow/transgender flag stuff in the Castro. However the arrest of Petrelis relates to this blog post from October in which Petrelis says he was trying to photograph "Wiener's wiener" in a City Hall men's room, but succeeded only in getting a photo of him brushing his teeth at a sink.

Now, Petrelis and others are reporting that he was first intimidated by SF Sheriffs, and subsequently turned himself in for violating Penal Code Section 647(j), which has to do with being a peeping tom.

We'll note that just a few days ago, Petrelis was posting these posters on his blog comparing Wiener and the late, murderous supervisor Dan White, with regard to the nudity ban.

And that is all for this dispatch from the world of local gay politics.

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