Over at the Kink.com Armory there's a new series of public educational classes geared toward bettering one's sex life. But instead of the plastic models and animated video demonstrations of your junior high days, these classes are hands-on, so to speak. Yes, there are live demonstrations by models, including one on oral sex tonight by porn star Rain DeGrey [link NSFW].

As DeGrey says, "They have to sit through a lecture before we get to the good stuff. We do techniques, physical response and have a question and answer period before moving on to the demonstrations."

It's unclear to us whether only dildos will be used in the demos, or if a male or female participant will be involved. We're told by a rep for Kink that next week's class, in female ejaculation, will probably be a touch more graphic.

DeGrey has previously taught classes in strap-on and — ahem — femdom play.

The weekly classes have been quietly going on for a few months, and tonight's class is sold out. But for info on future classes, and to purchase tickets, look here.