San Francisco General wants the Los Angels Dodgers to reimburse the hospital $1.2 million for "extensive trauma care" given to Giants fan Bryan Stow. If you recall, Stow was brutally beaten by Dodgers fans outside Dodgers Stadium in 2011. Now SF General would very much like it if former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt would pay for their care. (McCourt has been blamed for lack of proper security, which played a part in Stow's beating.)

"Hospital spokeswoman Rachael Kagan said on Monday that the hospital bills are only partially paid - the outstanding balance is the $1.2 million mentioned in the suit," reports NBC Bay Area.

As for Stow, he and his family are also suing McCourt for $50 million for lifetime medical expenses. Stow, a Santa Cruz paramedic and father of two, regained some ability and even attended one of the World Series games back in October.

As for his assailants, two men have been charged with the crime. Both have pled not guilty.

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