Ta-da: Your World Champion San Francisco Giants have announced their promotional tchotchkes for the 2013 season. In the grand tradition of the Brian Wilson garden gnome and fingerless texting gloves, this year's free handouts include a Sergio Romo lawn ornament and a spring-loaded, large-noggin'ed version of the nicely coifed National League MVP.

While we don't have a look Sergio Gnome-O just yet, we imagine it will look like a skinnier version of the Brian Wilson gnome that captivated Giants fans in the 2012 season. Hopefully the gnome doesn't include the Tommy John surgery that kept Wilson on the bench all year. (Attention knock-off manufacturers: now's your chance to ramp up production on a rare "I Just Look Illegal" version.) Sergio's diminutive likeness makes his debut at a home game against the Dodgers on Sunday, May 5th.

For the 2013 season, the Giants will also be bringing back the Buster Posey bobblehead, no doubt with some sort of "2012 MVP" badge to make it stand out in your current collection of bouncy Busters. For the discerning collector, rare items like the Fresno Grizzlies version (pictured right) are going for a cool 350 bucks on Amazon.

In addition to other exciting items like a World Champions cap, a World Champions beach blanket, a World Champions umbrella or a World Champions charm necklace (sensing a theme here?), Giants Right Hander Ryan Vogelsong also gets a bobbleheaded likeness. So you can give it an uppercut, we guess.

The rest promotional schedule for the first half of the Giants' 2013 season can viewed right here.

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