To all you soggy blankets, poopers at parties, and veritable drips who bemoan the early arrival of Christmas each year (hi, Jay!), we give unto you this. Drink it in. Soak it up. Let it wash over you like a cool chocolate-mint shower of Christ's afterbirth. "This is how you know it's really fucking Christmastime," writes friend of SFist Beth Spotswood, who sent us the fantastic news this morning.

Starting Wednesday at noon, 96.5 KOIT starts their annual tradition of 24/7 Christmas music. But before tomorrow's kickoff, why not get those pesky thoughts of Thanksgiving out of your head by listening to Christmas music RIGHT NOW as KOIT has already started streaming it online. Lucky you.

And if you hear an explosion coming from SOMA, that's just our head blowing up with unadulterated joy upon hearing the first few jingles of "All I Want For Christmas Is You."