After disrobing in the middle of a City Hall committee hearing last week, noted local naked woman Gypsy Taub will be leading another nude-in on the steps of City Hall this Wednesday.

According to the Chronicle's City Hall Insider this afternoon, Taub and the rest of the local nudist tribe will be out enjoying Wednesday's forecasted 70-degree weather in order to protest Scott Wiener's proposed ban on public nudity. While the ban isn't up for discussion until it goes before the full Board of Supervisors next Tuesday, November 20th, the latest nude-in might actually actually shed the gauzy pro-public nudity arguments in favor of something with a little more artistic integrity than Taub's nude interviews blog and an amateur porn site: The protest will also bring in the Norwegian artists behind the 1,000 Bodies Project [link basically safe for work, although there are tiny nude thumbnails].

The project gives volunteers an empty photo studio and a remote camera trigger and asks them to photograph themselves in the buff. There are no clothes and no mirrors, but volunteers do get a mask to use however they wish and anyone, "policeman, real estate agent, kindergarden teacher, retired, student, lawyer, office clerk, old, young, fat, skinny, lacking an arm or leg, covered in tattoos or piercings, male or female, exhibitionist or the most shy person in the world" is encouraged to participate. No word yet on how that will work on the steps of City Hall, however.

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