Giants pitchers Sergio Romo and Barry Zito dropped in on Jay Leno last night, and many laughs were exchanged over Sergio's t-shirt, etc. Also, Barry Zito credits his comeback from trainwreck status to his new wife Amber, who's helped him relax and get his mind off of the game when he's at home.

Watch a couple clips below. Notable highlights: Romo's dad, who's 55, still plays baseball in a league in Mexicali, near where Romo grew up in Brawley, California. And then there's Zito talking about being married... "I have a friend who was a bullpen catcher back in my Oakland days. And he said he's noticed in many people's careers if their single for a while and get married they actually think about baseball less. They go home and they're focused on their family and being there for their wife. Because when you're single you just obsess on the game. You're alone every night. It's just baseball-baseball-baseball."