On the heels of buying Lucasfilm for a whopping $4 billion, the folks at Disney Parks released this video (last year!) showing Darth Vader and his stormtrooper entourage spending a day at the park. Delightful!

We see Mr. Vader doing everything one does at Disneyland — going on Space Mountain, pulling the sword from the stone, buying popcorn (a churro would've been more authentic), catching Cinderella in the Disney parade, going through the Haunted House, dancing with his bros at Videopolis.


On Tuesday, Disney purchased George Lucas' empire for $4.05 billion in stock and cash. Among other reasons, the deal represents the noted filmmaker's desire to "set up the transition" of the Star Wars franchise "to the next generation of filmmakers." A 7th installment of Star Wars will reportedly hit theaters in 2015, for which Lucas will serve as creative consultant.

Real talk time: Though one of the greatest villains of all time, is Darth Vader the greatest Disney super villain? That honor really belongs to Maleficent. Because: come on. Anyway, wow, Vader is now a Disney villain, a fact that still boggles the mind.

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