It seems a couple of women who've come in contact with District 5 supervisor candidate Julian Davis don't much care for his style of alleged sexual advances. Following on the claims made by Kay Vasilyeva that the Weekly published two weeks ago, there's now a second accuser who's come forward with similar claims of unwanted and aggressive sexual advances.

The second accuser has declined to give her name to the press, though she provided it in written statements sent to Davis and his attorney James Wagstaffe. She says that in 2010, while attending UC Hastings law school with Davis, she chose to share a cab home from a Hastings-related party with Davis because they lived in the same neighborhood. The story gets a little gross/royally douchey after that:

She claims Davis repeatedly told the cab driver to make only one stop -- at his or her place -- and not two. She claims she rebuffed Davis' verbal advances, leading to an alleged physical advance. "Davis grabbed my face and wrenched my neck towards him as he tried to force me to kiss him. He simultaneously put his hand on my thigh," she wrote to Wagstaffe.

"None of this contact was welcome, and I clearly articulated the word 'no' more than once. The cab driver asked if I was 'OK' a number of times." When the cab pulled up in front of Davis' residence, she claims, he asked her inside. She declined. She alleges Davis then gave her the middle finger and shouted, "Fuck you, bitch!"

Four law school colleagues corroborate the story, saying she told them the story in the same way at the time of the incident, though obviously there weren't any witnesses. The woman said in her letter this week to Davis, "I was dismayed to read about the allegations made against you involving sexual impropriety. Dismayed because, given your aggressive acts toward me in that cab two years ago, this kind of behavior is clearly a pattern for you."

In any event, the Guardian, once Davis' semi-reluctant champion, has disowned him completely, and they're not even supporting Christina Olague for the seat, despite her loyalty to Progressive hero Ross Mirkarimi. Instead, as of today, the Guardian's "clean slate" of endorsements is endorsing John Rizzo for District 5. He also now has the endorsements of Tom Ammiano, Eric Mar, and David Campos.

UPDATE: Davis responded to our article in the comments, saying:

"When Joe called me yesterday he did not tell me what he was calling about and I did not receive a call back later in the day. I am not going to comment further about anonymous uncorroborated attacks coming from his publication a week before Election Day.

"Voters I talk to in the streets are intelligent enough to see past the politics of personal destruction. Their concerns are real—a more affordable city, improved public transit and a better climate for small business, to name a few. SF Weekly's readers would benefit from substantive reporting on these issues and on how the candidates differ on them."


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