In 2010, SFist readers selected Reese's Peanut Butter Cups as their favorite Halloween candy. (We should point out that the noted peanut butter-chocolate orgasms are also French Laundry master chef Thomas Keller's favorite junk food!) But now we must know, connoisseurs of fun-size delights, what is the worst Halloween treat? (Besides razorblades, of course.) Is it a box of raisins? Jolly Ranchers? a fistful of pennies? those vile little rolls of chalky Smarties? Nik-L-Nips?

When asked to divulge his least favorite All Hallow's Eve candy, SFist associate editor Andrew Dalton said, "The grossest has to be those peanut butter taffy things that come in unmarked wax paper. It's the worst taffy and probably a great vehicle for GHB or razor blades." Your editor, however, must go with Hershey's Special Dark since that's mom's chocolate. And that chocolate mom keeps in her special drawer is gross.

Let us know your worst pick in the comments. On Monday we will conduct a poll so that, come Halloween, you'll know what not to hand out the year. You're welcome.