L'Oreal spokesmayor Gavin Newsom and his sidekick, the wise-crackin' Mayor Ed Lee dropped by Project Homeless Connect yesterday to announce a new extension of the former Mayor's pet project. According to the Chronicle, however, the conversation at the event actually focused on the white-hot San Francisco Giants, who had reportedly caused Mayor Lee to come down with a sickness.

The Chronicle's Heather Knight explains:

Lee, decked out in an orange tie, told the same corny joke to anybody who would listen: He woke up feeling sick, went to S.F. General (right, like any mayor has ever sought medical care there) and was diagnosed with - drumroll, please - "Giants Fever!"

Newsom, on the other hand, wore no tie because he likes to keep things loose around the neck area. Should any of the city's homeless require sartorial advice, however, the new Every Day Connect 24/7 service the two mayors announced yesterday should be able to help them with that. The service, which is already running, allows locally homeless folks to call 311 at all hours to set up things like haircuts or dentist appointments so they can look as good as the Lieutenant Governor when they show up for job interviews. Like Project Homeless Connect, the majority of funding comes from private and corporate sponsors.

Former Mayor Willie Brown, who we can only assume was off having breakfast somewhere at the time, was nowhere to be found at the event. Without its third member, the troika was unable to sink San Francisco into the Pacific Ocean. The city did, however, manage to help out some 64,000 people over the last 8 years of the project.