Male varsity athletes at haughty Piedmont High School have been running an alarming extracurricular activity in which they score points for engaging and documenting in sexual activities with female students. According to a letter sent home to alert parents in the small town above Oakland last week, Principal Rich Kitchens said the game has been going on among varsity teams for over five years.

According to Principal Kitchens' letter, "female students (unbeknownst to most of them) are drafted as part of the league," and "[o]ver the past five to six years such a league has existed in one form or another as part of bonding for some varsity teams during their seasons of sport." As is so often the case in high school, participation "often involved pressure/manipulation by older students that included alcohol to impair judgment/control and social demands to be popular." School administrators only found out about the fantasy league during a recent assembly on date rape prevention.

As Piedmont Unified School District Superintendent Constance Hubbard told ABC7, the letter was a proactive effort "to make sure that parents were aware of things that were going in their kids' lives." Unfortunately because the documented incidents apparently occurred off of school grounds, Piedmont High itself can't take any disciplinary action against the varsity athletes who participated in the offensively titled game. The school will, however, be holding another series of assemblies to address the issue.

ABC7/KGO has the local news report: