Police were called to the 2500 block of Alameda Drive in Vallejo early Sunday after reports from neighbors of two naked men walking down the middle of the street and breaking car windows. The incident began around 1:30 a.m. when cohabitating couple Jason Jessie, 28, and Jeremiah Moore, 29, left their home and went on a public rampage that was most obviously drug-fueled. Moore, after pointing a rifle at a police officer, was shot and killed.

Though the actual drugs involved have not been identified, investigators have already pointed to the synthetic hallucinogenic substance commonly referred to as bath salts as a likely culprit.

Vallejo police say that both men ran back into their home when police arrived, but that Moore emerged from the house and placed the barrel of a rifle against an officer's stomach before another officer shot him. He later died at the hospital.

Jessie was arrested on suspicion of battery of a police officer, though that part is not totally clear. Investigators say that something was burning in the house at the time that Moore was shot, and the home was filling with smoke. They later found three pet birds, presumably owned by the couple, beheaded in the backyard.

CBS reports that there have been multiple incidents recently in which Vallejo police have responded to calls of people behaving wildly, and they see it as evidence that bath salts "may have found their way to the Bay Area."


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