When last we checked in with San Francisco's most orange monkey, the baseball-predicting primate had successfully turned around both the Division and the Championship series for your San Francisco Giants just by virtue of her being adorable and orange. This afternoon, SFist asked our friends down at the Zoo to give us another read on the now-famous François' Langur's mood before a decisive NLCS game 7 tonight at AT&T Park.

Zoo spokesperson Abbie Tuller fills us in again via email:

The monkey has a winning glint in her eye today and is loving the blue sky and crisp fall air. She especially enjoyed seeing all the many Giants fans who visited her this weekend. It may be our imagination, but she seems to be drawn to SF Zoo visitors who wear the Giants logo. Go Giants!

While the morning downpours may have returned to threaten rain delays this afternoon, judging by her tiny, outstretched right hand (or foot? hard to tell with those opposable toes) our Giants-faithful girl looks warmed up and ready to throw some Matt Cain-style heaters. So we're going to go ahead and take that as a good sign.

Because we're a tolerant, equal opportunity sort of town — we should point out that MLB Jesus has also deemed Matt Cain righteous enough to lay his hands upon him, and once again bless the San Francisco Giants:

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