There have been plenty of Mark Zuckerberg sightings around S.F.'s Mission District this year, in Dolores Park and elsewhere. Well, it seems he wasn't just couch surfing: Buzzfeed confirms that the once suburban-bound Zuck now owns a place in San Francisco, possibly on or near Dolores Street, "at the edge of the Mission, near Noe Valley."

He and his security detail have been spotted around a house at an undisclosed address, and he's been walking his dog (Beast) down Dolores Street. And he's doing his part to help gentrify the already gentrifying 'hood, since there's already a story about "a private security guy [who] chased down a would-be burglar recently."

Of course he still has his gigantic manse in Palo Alto, but perhaps it was feeling a little too stately for a twentysomething, or perhaps he's just finally discovered pot and decided to have an adolescence. In any event, he's here to stay.

San Franciscans will surely cringe at Valencia Street being characterized as "the Bedford Avenue of the West Coast" (everyone knows that Bedford Avenue is the Valencia of the East). But there you have it. Zuck has officially put the Mission on the paparazzis' radar. You've been warned.

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Photo: Mark Zuckerberg Was in Dolores Park

[BuzzFeed via Uptown Almanac]