If you were hopping on or off a shuttle to the Treasure Island Music Fest this weekend, or if you were otherwise wandering around Civic Center, you may have noticed a heavy amount of assemblage and construction happening in the plaza there. The culprits are the Dew Tour, the BMX and skateboarding festival which is going to draw of a horde thirteen-year-olds into the city from all over Northern California come Thursday.

They're building a track of some kind, and what looks like a half-pipe, and competitive events will include BMX Dirt, FMX, Skateboard Street, BMX Street, Dirt Best Trick, Skate Streetstyle and BMX Streetstyle. And it's all free! So it will be crowded. But you can buy premium "pit passes" if you're that kind of fan.

Here are all the athletes coming to compete and perform and sign autographs, and we have not heard of any of them. But your tween nephew probably has. And he's hella psyched.

See the map below. The fun goes from October 18 to October 21. And look here at the Examiner for an interview with 33-year-old Ryan Nyquist, a BMX rider and native of Los Gatos who really didn't think he'd still be doing this after 30.