Tonight at Public Works in the Mission, noted local broke person Broke-Ass Stuart hosts a three-ring circus of live music, burlesque, comedy and skee-ball. Because there is not enough skee-ball in San Francisco.

On the main stage, local rock acts Birdmonster, Le VICE, and Teenage Sweater will provide the musical entertainment. A second stage will host a lineup of Bay Area carnies like "pretty good magician" Ash K, comedians Eric Barry (also known for his appearance at the Mr. Marina competition) and Matt Lieb, Dorian Faust "Burlesque's Basquiat" and more.

There will also be Fireball Whiskey, which is like regular whiskey except it tastes like those hot cinnamon fireball candies. (So, not really like whiskey at all.) To really round out the carnival atmosphere there will be facepainting and fortune telling, although we already looked into the future and we can tell you're probably going to be hungover at work on Friday.

Tickets are $7 ahead of time or $10 at the door.
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