It's here. The new Target store at Mission and 4th debuted yesterday, following Mayor Lee's ribbon cutting on Tuesday night (in the midst of the Mirkarimi proceedings). It's softly open now, with the official grand opening happening on Sunday. Yes, there is clothing, there are groceries, there are home goods, there is a pharmacy. Hoorah.

As discussed earlier, it's a smaller format than Target is accustomed to, and S.F. is one of the testing grounds of this City Target thing. You enter off of Mission Street, take an escalator to the second floor, and the store is there, all 85,000 square feet. LiveSoMa has some photos, and it pretty much looks like a regular Target but with not especially high ceilings.

So, the next time there's another one of those Missoni-esque designer brouhahas, you'll know where to line up.