Former press secretary turned Ed Lee adviser Tony Winnicker, slammed not only the four supervisors who voted to reinstate Ross Mirkarimi — saying that they sank "to a new low" — but also the progressives' hero of the day, Mirkarimi himself, calling him a "wife beater."

Via media reports, Winnicker's damning Facebook update reads thusly:

After all this time, nothing the SF Board of Supervisors does should surprise me…but then they (or four of them, to be fair) go and sink to a new low by reinstating an acknowledged, convicted wife-beater as Sheriff. Way to send a message about domestic violence, folks. Thanks Mayor Lee for doing the right thing from the start and shame on those four Supervisors.


After Tuesday night's controversial decision, the embattled Sheriff told reporters, "We have work to do, and we both need to rise above the politics and get the job done." And rising above politics is what will never, ever, ever happen.