Nudists will converge upon the Castro to protest Supervisor Scott Wiener's proposed ban on public nudity. Will you be there? (We will not for we enjoy clothing far too much.) And what, exactly, are people who are going (at least according to the official Facebook page) saying about it? Let's see:

Some (inaccurately) think Supe Wiener is a right-winger and (also inaccurately) believe an attack on public nudity is an attack on all civil rights:

- Morrenin Jovan Byars: "Attacks on nudists' civil rights is an attack on all of our rights - remember, we were ALL NUDE at one point in our lives (think birth). If right winger Scott Weiner succeeds in this attack on nudists' civil rights, then get ready for the onslaught of attacks on other people's rights - from breastfeeding to the right to protest at all. Don't think that can't happen? Think again."

Some are sarastic:

- Austin Tamez: "I'm soooooooooo glad the nudists are out of JWP and very thankful they're gone. I wouldn't want those nasty nudists to sully JWP ambiance of pot smokers, cigarette smokers, people talking to their spirits, or the lovely piss and shit smell that hits your nose like a 2006 Malbec. Thank you Scott Weiner!!!"

- Some say money can be made:

Roy McKenzie: "I'd be willing to give someone 5 bucks a day for a week to go down there at the warmest part of the day to photograph how many nudists are down there for a story on the Castro Biscuit."

Some are making tenuous international parallels:

- Jason Parker: "As far as this sounds .. I have friends and family in iran. Before the revolution people could wear what they wanted. Iran was a cultural vacation destination for wealthy Europeans . Post revolution women were forced to wear chador, roosarie, mantoe. Men could no longer wear. T shirts or shorts all in name of morality. Because the government said so... This has not been an issue for decades!! When did supervisors gain the power to make sf cover up without a vote?"

And some are getting statistical. Mitch Hightower notes that the Naturist Education Foundation (NEF) commissioned Zogby International to conduct a survey on public nudity. It turns out we're not as offended by public non-sexual nudity as we thought! (Side note: Can public nudity ever be considered non-sexual? And could counterprotesters show up wearing, like, lots of sweaters and dresses with crinolines?)

Anyway, if you choose to fight the war on public nudity, then head to Jane Warner Memorial Plaza, 401 Castro, on October 20. Here's hoping to warm weather. Details.