As of this morning, this much we know: Romney won the debate by possibly fibbing, Obama sounded lazy and nervous, and had trouble maintaining any sort of eye contact (critical for the camera!), and Big Bird proved neither as funny nor as interesting as you'd think (so just stop it right now, you guys). But that didn't stop scores of people from taking to Twitter to respond to last night's wonky television entertainment. What did some locals have to say? Let's see:

Obama failed to call out Romney on his Diana Vreeland-like "faction":

And moderator Jim Lehrer certainly didn't help things:

Phil Bronstein threw some much-needed shade at CNN:

This was the only time we chuckled during the Big Birdness:

Romney made a skullcap-shatteringly stupid remark about religion and the U.S., which prompted this drunk (yet totally brilliant!) tweet:

But he played it smart and won the shebang:

Mayor Ed Lee got in on the action, driving Obama's accomplishments back to S.F.:

This would be great:

Although he's now based in NYC, we still consider W. Kamau Bell a local. Here's what the comedian had to say about Romney's creepy perma-Xanax face:

And finally, sometimes actually PBS does suck:

Update: It has come to our attention that, most egregiously, we have failed to mention any female voices. Yikes. How wrong. Our apologies. And with that, here's what political columnist Melissa Griffin had to say regarding last night's debate:

And one more, because it is most necessary: