Remember when Buster Posey had his ankle shattered after a maddening collision with Scott Cousins of the Marlins? That was last year. This year, however, Posey won the National League batting championship with a .336 average. Which: astounding. This makes him the first NL catcher to win the title since Ernie Lombardi in 1942.

"It's amazing. It really is," Ryan Vogelsong said after Posey took the title. "It's amazing considering how beat up those guys get out there, battling aches and pains, foul tips off their shoulders and hands, not to mention the ones that hit you in the facemask and rattle your brains a little bit."

Another bit of wonder to add to this title is that, well, he wasn't even supposed to win the title, at least that's what many thought a few months ago prior to Cabrera's career-shattering stumble. "[Posey] is the reason why the Giants are the National League West champs," reports Will Brinson of NBC Bay Area. "What makes the award even crazier, though, is that technically Melky Cabrera would've won it, had he not requested to be withdrawn from the contest on a special exemption based on his number of at bats and his suspension. (Although Miggy Cabrera is still right behind Buster in the standings for both leagues, oddly enough.)"

Posey's title win wasn't the most notable thing to happen in Bay Area baseball. The scrappy A's also took the AL West title. More on that later. Until then, congratulations goes out to Posey.