An obviously frustrated and possibly socially conservative female got out of her idling vehicle during Friday night's 20th Anniversary Critical Mass ride, and began stabbing willy-nilly at cyclists with a road flare. She and her friend, late for a party requiring ill-fitting half-white, half-black outfits and flats, just couldn't understand why the damn cyclists couldn't obey traffic laws you know?!

Obviously she's not from around here, and hadn't been on the internet all day, and thus was caught unawares by this massive bicycle parade through the Tenderloin. (Or so we reasonably assume.) She seems quite frustrated, begins shrieking and crying, and she might be younger than 20 years old, but very pro-car. (At around 2:45 she begins trying to direct traffic as a car attempts to pass amidst the cyclists.) And really, what party/acappella singing event were they heading to? And can you imagine if she had a gun in the car?

And is it just us, or doesn't this little wand-dance she does with the flare remind you of this?

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