Just over a month before the November election, political attack ad season is starting to get ugly. Like, real ugly. Like, Nancy Pelosi leading a horde of zombies in the ritual sacrifice of an adorable lamb — that kind of ugly. Watch as John Dennis, Pelosi's challenger for the 8th Congressional District in San Francisco, prevents a grisly (and altogether ridiculous) outcome in his latest horror thriller, Night of the Living Pelosi:

OK, so the lamb is Goldman Sachs? Or the lamb is John Dennis? Maybe the lamb is actually a vote on indefinite detentions? This is confusing. The last time insane people and sheep showed up in an attack ad we at least had some idea what the creature was supposed to represent.

Whatever the lamb is, John Dennis saved it. So that PETA vote should be pretty much locked up. And if Dennis can talk some sense into a horde of hungry undead, he might actually make a pretty good minority whip.