In the sleepy backwoods town of Twain Harte, California on the edge of the Stanislaus National Forest, one man has had it with his neighbor's constant, 12-hour Gospel music sessions. The music was so loud that the man, who declined to show his face when the local news came knocking, says it literally drove his dog howling mad. When he finally couldn't take it anymore, the man retaliated by dragging his big screen TV out on to the porch and cranking up the volume on some good, old-fashioned stag films.

Not all of the neighbors were opposed to the church music though, one neighbor even enthusiastically told the local CBS affiliate, "I love it. I love it." (Although he may have been quoting the porn. Unclear.) Another neighbor, Tara Varela, suggested her porn-projecting neighbor find some middle ground and play something equally offensive, but possibly less adult-themed, saying "He shouldn’t have just played porn like that. He could have played, like I said, death metal. Anything besides that." Anyhow, the local sheriff's department eventually stepped into the church vs. smut dispute, but the porch pornographer is not currently facing any charges.

Without further ado, the video report from CBS15 Sacramento, who trucked all the way out to the sticks to get this important piece of journalism: