Tonight San Francisco's love affair with drinking and ironic movie watching gets another outlet at newly arrived Sixth Street art gallery Satellite 66. To christen the space the gallery will be screening Road House, Patrick Swayze's legendary 1989 turn as Dalton (no relation), the hotshot New York City cooler and fighting philosopher hired to clean up a rough-and-tumble honky tonk in rural Jasper, Missouri.

Because bad movies and Swayze's quotably bad lines are never as much fun sober, the venue will have booze on hand to rowdy up attendees. When you're done with all the knifing and sloshing and beer bottle throwing, you can always return a touch of class to your life by checking out the current exhibitions in the gallery. Admission is totally free at the venue, located on Mid-Market's Comfort Corner (which could probably use a good bouncer of its own), but donations are encouraged.

8 p.m.
Satellite 66
66 Sixth Street at Jessie Street