Here's a Yelp review from someone who (sorta) gets it: "Zekes is a typical sports bar. The food isn't that great and the service is just decent. It wasn't really my scene, but I could definitely imagine my guy friends enjoying a beer watching the Giants game there, All in all, there are better places in the surrounding area to go for better food/service. "

Eh. Look, Zeke's is an institution -- an institution of getting ripped on beer, eating cheese sandwiches and (very good!) fries, watching the game, and then going outside for a smoke. If you want classy, shift your butt to Alexander's Steakhouse, Mrs. Rockefeller. Also, it's a mighty fine place for dames, too, not just penis carriers.

And, hey, there's a game tonight! The Giants take on the D-Backs at 6:40. So why don't you take a seat at Third and Brannan to watch the game. Zeke's has a scrillion TVs from which to view the game, so you can't go wrong. Most of the time, anyway.