Once again proving that we should be careful with this whole "set the world on fire, burn brighter than the sun" stuff, a group of teens decided to appropriate an empty Concord home in an attempt to throw a rockin' house party on Sunday night, KTVU reports. Neighbors called the cops on the bash, which had ballooned to about 100 attendees thanks to a few industrious partiers getting the word out via Twitter.

The house, which is currently in a short sale and was scheduled to close escrow this week, is owned by a widow who left the state four months ago. Neighbors noticed cars pulling up and even a few kids getting dropped off by taxi (though avoiding a DUI by breaking into a house seems slightly counterintuitive as far as we're concerned). No one was arrested, but the police say this isn't the first break-in party on the books; similar incidents have occurred recently in Pleasant Hill, Clayton, and Walnut Creek. Look, in this crazy fast-paced social media world, waiting for someone's parents to go out of town just isn't going to do it anymore, OK?

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