A former Portlander who's spent four years in San Francisco pens a Mission restaurant roundup for Oregon Live that's mostly focused on the new and hip spots that have opened in the last six months, and declares the Mission "The Neighborhood Facebook Built." Most of us would quibble that the ongoing gentrification — and, as this writer puts it, "Brooklyn-ization" — of the 'hood has been in full swing since Facebook was still a Harvard-only phenomenon. But the boom in new, upscale, on-trend eateries has definitely hit a high-water mark this year, just as the new tech boom (some would say bubble) has caused a spike in rents all over the city, but especially within strolling distance of Dolores Park and Bi-Rite.

To wit:

Once upon a time The Mission was the “Mexican neighborhood.” ... The hot dog slingers are still there, but things are definitely changing. Brooklyn-ization is in full swing. The commerce of cool is booming ... On weekday mornings, large luxury buses equipped with deluxe seats and Wi-Fi park in strategic locations, ready to truck tech workers south to Apple, Facebook and other high-profile companies each day. The people on those buses are mostly young and are supposed to be wicked smart. They have ample cash flow and highly discerning taste. They’ll wait for hours for a table at a hip Jewish deli, pay $13.50 for a gourmet Reuben sandwich, and then tweet about the experience.

Ugh, right? Well, even though this person has lived here for four years, Uptown Almanac notes that "this is increasingly how the outside world perceives us," and we'd have to say this gives credence to the Guardian's alarm bell about Oakland getting cooler than S.F. by the minute. Still, we like all the new restaurant options. And whatever, people with jobs and good taste aren't all bad, because without them we'd be Portland.

[Oregon Live via Uptown Almanac]