Noted photographer Norman Seeff snapped a slew of images featuring Steve Jobs and the early Apple crew back in 1984. The results show Jobs in uncharacteristically lax positions: drinking an Anchor Steam beer, no shoes, wearing horizontal stripes in lieu of signature black turtle neck.

The images, also published in Retronaut, were granted to SFist care of Norman Seeff Studios. And, really, they are nothing short of remarkable, unusually personal, and ultimately heartrending. The world, tech or otherwise, really did lose an important innovator far too soon.

Regarding Jobs' notorious diva-like antics, especially when it came to being photographed, Seeff experienced something entirely different. "I was aware of the character flaws that people have described about Steve," he recalled. "For me however, my interaction with him revealed none of these views, although I don’t doubt the anecdotal stories about his impatience and qualities of dictatorial control. What I did discover, and this is true with other artists, that once they trust you, that level of control tends to fall away."

The iconic Steve in lotus position pic, which made the cover of Time, can adorn your living room or basement, too, for a mere $75!