We're well into the second (some might say third) decade of gentrification in the Mission, but nevertheless there are still some residents in the vicinity who would like things to be more like they used to be — perhaps before they were born? The new condo complex at 299 Valencia got some pretty graffiti smeared on its front last night.

That would be an anarchy symbol and the phrases "Die Yuppie Scum" and "Fuck Off Yuppies."

Perhaps this was the work of one of those Black Bloc anarchists who made a mess of several small businesses Valencia Street in the name of Occupy in late April? They hate gentrification, you see, and expensive coffee. And condos.

Let's forget for a moment that the term "yuppie" these days probably refers to someone who dresses a whole lot like said anarchists in their off time, though perhaps there are stripey socks and leather-soled shoes involved. Let's instead focus on the fact that when it comes to gentrification in the Mission, that ship has sailed. Fighting it now is like fighting a tsunami with tennis racket. There will be more condos. There are already a dozen new restaurants that just opened in the last four months. Perhaps they should consider getting ahead of the curve where gentrification has barely begun, like on that other street that's being called the New Valencia.

Update: An anarchist on Indybay has taken credit for the graffiti, noting that the windows were "permanently etched" and that this had something to do with some nonsensical protest about people "currently facing or who do face Grand Jury’s [sic] in the future" in the Pacific Northwest. But of course.

[JoeHuerta/Instagram via MissionMission]