In Richmond, over 10,700 people have filed claims to have the medical and property damage expenses resulting from the August 6th refinery fire reimbursed by the oil company. The company announced today that it will open a new center to take any future claims.

The new center is located in North Richmond and will be open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. from tomorrow Wednesday, August 22nd until this Friday only. The center is located in the community room at the North Richmond Community Heritage Senior Apartments at 1555 Fred Jackson Way. The center may stay open past this weekend if there is a significant demand.

The existing claims center at the Nevin Community Center at 598 Nevin Avenue will stop taking new claims on Saturday, but will stay open to receive paperwork on already-filed claims until the end of August.

After August 31st, Chevron will be taking claims on their 24-hour hotline which can be reached at 866-260-7881.

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