T-Mobile created what is perhaps the most dreadful ad of all time with this piece of neon excrement. (Who sends video of a concert to friends at the same concert? Nobody, that's who.) Everyone associated with the conception of said ad should be deeply ashamed, humiliated. That being said, now you can mimic that exact same commercial at this weekend's Outside Lands aural festival. AT&T has deployed multiple COWs ("Cell On Wheels") with multi-beam antennas to serve the huge crowds with smartphones this weekend. It works like this. Which, in all seriousness, is pretty handy. Full disclosure: Unless we're at the theater, we prefer our head buried in our phone at least once every 30 minutes.

For more details on how to behave like a proper gentleman or lady at Outside Lands this weekend, pore over SFist's How To Enjoy Yourself At Outside Lands Without Annoying Your Friends And Everyone Else.