New updates reveal just how much time Muni riders are getting back thanks to the revolutionary back door boarding process SFMTA implemented in July. While anecdotal reports suggested things were going really smooth, helpfully lubricated by a baffling instructional video from Professor Muni (who has a Ph.D. in this sort of thing, we presume), today the Chronicle looks at the hard numbers from Muni's on-time data.

According to the early research, which looked at how long buses were idling at stops on five of Muni's busiest routes, riders on the 1-California (and especially those who hop on the express buses) are saving the most time. At stops where buses are picking up more than 10 people, passengers are waiting an average of six seconds less for the 1-California and four seconds less for the notoriously slow-boarding 38-Geary. Which is practically a lifetime when you're late for your dentist appointment in Union Square.

Over the course of a typical commute from the Richmond to downtown, riders could potentially get back entire minutes of their lives that can now be used for sitting outside the office and avoiding the harsh glow of fluorescent lighting for just a little bit longer.

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