Today over on Oakland North we have a little op-ed regarding The Oakland Diss. It's that thing where everyone who's never lived in Oakland or never set foot in Oakland immediately reacts to hearing that their friend lives in Oakland with condolences, or a shudder of fear. Commentator and proud Oakland resident Jaime Zepeda says, "You know what? I love this! People who don’t even want to get to know Oakland are making my rent cheaper and my neighborhoods cooler." Wtvr, dude.

We know, we know, Oakland is hella cool. SF Bay Guardian even claims that Oakland is cooler than San Francisco a couple months back. But it's also a great big place that requires a car and doesn't have quite as many nightlife options or hip restaurants or streetcar-attacking crazy ladies.

But whenever someone from Oakland pens an editorial like this, or says something like "Oaklanders are proud of Oakland because it's real," it's hard for them not to sound a little Jan Brady-ish, because everyone knows that San Francisco is the prettier sister. Even if we are a little expensive and bedbuggy.

[Oakland North]