"On the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco," this 1978 NBC News exposé begins, "a woman can buy the services of two nude masseurs." And with that, we think we have a pretty good idea of what kind of crazy sexy life everyone in 1978 Marin County was living. That is, right before we learn that Marin County had an excess of alcohol abuse and a suicide rate "well over two times the national average." So, what was making Marin County so nuts in the seventies, you ask?

According to the "experts" interviewed here, who appear to all be deli owners or middle school guidance counselors, the evils plaguing Marin's paradise-like lifestyle are: money, fast living, poor values and "a tremendous obsession with self."

Since we're here 34 years in the future, where Marin County has become the butt of a different joke, we can now get a good laugh at the expense of this woman who paid $180 to have naked dudes stroke her with peacock feathers for four hours. Here's the three minute preview:

Also noteworthy? The full 50-minute documentary has been helpfully archived by the University of Utah.

[H/T: Reddit]