San Francisco's adult film production company recently took a risk (as far as fetish sites go) and produced a bold new film that can only be described as "a gangbang movie featuring bad pandas." Technically, these are guys in panda suits, but the point is — get this — not everyone is turned on by guys in panda suits having sex with a girl.

As Princess Donna, the film's creator and director of three popular fetish sites explained to the San Francisco Bay Guardian in an email: "The reaction was exactly what I expected it to be. Some people think it's the best thing that ever happened, some people think it's the worst porn ever made. That's what happens when you take risks."'s paying members, on the other hand, don't seem to agree. In the video's comment section (which is very NSFW, obviously, so we won't link you to it. And if you're looking for porn, we trust you know how to find it), the members are expressing their outrage that a fetish site would churn out such limp dreck. Writes one unimpressed viewer:

I haven't even watched this because there is nothing about pandas fucking a girl that would make me get remotely aroused.

Another former fan of Princess Donna's offered a very civil response:

I love your overall work and artwork here in kink's sites and one scene won't make my opinion for you and your work to go down. But... I would like to tell you that this scene was really bad for my taste and for what this site is supposed to represent and offer.

Commenter mmystery2, meanwhile, just really takes the whole thing and runs with it (sic):

Oh I see the difference is just between poor and great. So my vote is good. To explain, the idea of "other" porn ist good but i think it would be better if some demons fuck the girl than some panda's. The scene is good but in this costumes i think it's not hard enough.

The Guardian's culture editor Caitlin Donohue, on the other hand (heh), gives us a more thoughtful review:

The video is kind of gorgeous, especially (and perhaps this is our ignorance showing but) for a gang bang porn. You get a full storyline — panda hallucinations! Freakouts at the bank! — before porn starlet Ashli Orion is subjected to five panda penises.

Anyhow, if the idea of sex in Panda suits intrigues you, Donohue has a whole interview (mostly SFW, aside from some dirty language.) with Mrs. Orion about the experience of shooting panda porn at's armory, which ought to make for more interesting bus reading than that Shades of Grey book.