Tonight, because it is Tuesday and you are in need of a scenic view, a glass of wine and a movie with Jimmy Stewart in it (in this hypothetical situation, you are your own mother, apparently), we recommend you ride the elevator to the Top of the Mark in the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins to enjoy Mr. Smith's Goes To Washington and some free booze.

The event, which happens with a different classic film screening every Tuesday throughout the summer (check the PDF schedule here), starts with an after-work wine tasting from 5:30 p.m. until the screening begins promptly at 7:30. Glasses of chardonnay and pinot noir are sponsored by whichever winery is looking to spread the good word about their product at the moment, and which usually indicates the bartenders won't be too stingy on the pour. (Pro-tip: Slip the bartender a couple bucks on your first taste so he or she will know you need a heavy pour on round two. It's only Tuesday, after all.)

If Jimmy Stewart isn't sexy enough for you, we might also suggest you check out Litquake's Night of Serge Gainsbourg with author Gilles Verlant, who seems to know a thing or two about the dirty-talking French crooner.

[Top of the Mark]