"Oh, see, she should totally get nominated for this," we thought to ourself while watching San Francisco-born comedianne Margaret Cho perform as dead North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. We then went back to our glass of wine, knowing full well that Emmy nominations typically, and tragically, disappoint. (Some of us who hail from SoCal take our entertainment awards far too seriously.) Boy, how wrong we were. Cho received a well-earned nom this morning for Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series for her sublime work in 30 Rock. See.

Cho was raised here in the city. Her parents owned a bookstore on Polk near California. Cho herself went to SOTA (San Francisco School of the Arts). The fine folks at SFist congratulate Cho and wish her luck during the big night on September 23.

Check out this snippet of Cho's unrecognizable, uncanny performance:

Excellent. And here's Cho on the set of 30 Rock discussing Jong-il:

In other news, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences more or less screwed over Smash, the most important TV series of our time. That's too bad. Alas.