Liberal comedian Michael Ian Black and progressive Republican Meghan McCain joined forces to write a new book delicately titled, America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom. Though, yes, a bit of an odd couple, their new work, according to the Commonwealth Club, focuses on a cross-country tour they took together, one that probed "our beautifully weird country, encountering everyone from gun lovers, flag burners, teen moms, poker players to politicians and gay parents." Black and McCain investigated the American life, "while stopping at every Olive Garden they come across."

What were their favorite meals at the Olive Garden, you ask? Was it the hot artichoke-spinach dip? The lasagna classico? How about the bottomless basket of breadsticks? Find out that and more when the two appear in-conversation tonight at the Castro Theatre with Joan Walsh, Editor at Large, (Also, friend of SFist Beth Spotswood, culture blogger for SFGate, will emcee the festivities. Lucky you, is right.)

"Meghan McCain and Michael Ian Black: Two Slices of American Pie" at the Castro Theatre, 429 Castro (at 17th Street), SF. Show starts at 7 p.m. program, 8 p.m. book signing. Tickets.