It is with a crumbling heart that I tell you that, alas, Leanne Maxwell will no longer be editing the arts & entertainment section of SFist. She has gone on to bigger and brighter fulltime things, but will remain with SFist to pen the occasional feature piece. Maxwell has been with SFist since I started in 2007 (!) and, in addition to helping navigate the flow of the site, guided this editor through the bloggy waters of SFist. Which were quite choppy during those halcyon mid-to-late-aughts days. I cannot thank you enough, Leanne! We'll announce a replacement later this month. And now, on with what's going on Tonight...

MUSIC: Hey, who likes frolicking in the Mission? Young ladies looking for paramours, it would seem. But also the musically-inclined. And with that, we give you news that Sweat Lodge will be performing at the Knockout. That band features Rocky of Rocky's Frybread. Will his noteworthy sweet and savory flatbread be available for consumption? Not sure. (We still can't wrap our head around eating in a nightclub.) But find out for yourself tonight. Below: what Sweat Lodge sounds like.

BARS: Hey, here's a place that looks fun: Booty Call at Q Bar in the Castro. Alteraqueer scene this is not! Which is a good thing? Or a bad thing? Dunno. Anyway, DJ Duarte will play an all-vinyl set. Which sounds pretty rad. Also, Juanita More will be there (it's her club night!), so that's also rad.

Yeah, we'll be sure to have someone doing this on a regular basis. If you readers know of any interesting items happening tonight, let us know in the comments. Also, of course, throw out a few kind words for Leanne. She's a treasure.