When was the last time you spotted a blue whale? Never, probably. Whale watching seems like the sort of expensive pastime reserved for people who have entire rooms filled with back issues of National Geographic. Recently, however, a nice bloom of krill — delicious if you're a blue whale or a humpback — has lured scores of blues and humpbacks close to the shore in Monterey Bay.

According to Marine Biologist Nancy Black with Monterey Bay Whale Watch, the abundance of whale food means this is "a once-in-a-lifetime" to spot the dozens of blue whales and scores of humpbacks currently gulping up large quantities of the shrimp-like creatures off the coast. As Black told the local paper in Santa Cruz, it's nearly impossible to not spot a whale right now. "Everywhere you go you just see blows," she said, estimating there are close to 100 blue whales in Monterey Bay.

For the easily seasick, on the other hand, KTVU went out whale watching so you don't have.