Have you guys tried back door boarding yet? As the Chronicle discovers today, this hot new craze (that everyone has been doing forever) is quite literally sweeping local public transit riders off their feet.

Personally, we tried hopping on the back of a 1-California the other day and it was great! Muni rider Dee Washington also gave it a shot and was surprised to learn that it didn't cost $100. Likewise, 23-year-old interior design intern C.J. McMillan "liked what she saw" when she boarded transfer-in-hand yesterday.

Not everybody is in onboard with the changes, however. One local caught his fellow riders breaking rule #1 of back door boarding: not waiting for others to exit. "I just wish people getting on waited till we got off," one Russell Lee told the Chronicle. "It's just basic courtesy."

Finally, there are those still running to catch up. As one Grocery store worker inquired of the Chronicle: "What new policy? People have always come in through the back door." Luckily for that guy, Muni has asked the fictional Professor Muni of the just-made-up "world famous Muni labs" to show clueless riders the ropes and hopefully keep them from hurting themselves in the process. Observe, back door amateurs:

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