Starting Sunday July 1st, a local artist who goes by the frustratingly postmodern tag "_g", will either decorate Valencia Street with her artwork, or simply give it all away with a new guerrilla installation from 16th Street to 24th. None of the artwork has been approved by property owners in the locations where they'll be hanging, but because they will all be nicely framed and hung on removable hooks, the neighbors and local businesses can "opt-out" of the impromptu museum by taking them down, stealing them for their own apartments or just throwing them in the garbage if they feel like it.

The artist, née Gretchen Andrus, explains the motivation behind the (ahem) museum:

In the creation of an open-air public museum, the city of San Francisco becomes the curator of its street and participates in contemporary art movements. With the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art closing for three years next June, now is the time to rethink how contemporary and modern art can serve the public.

Anyhow, look for some pre-framed, but not bolted-down artworks to appear along Valencia Street on Sunday. Seeing as how even the most busted coffee table never seems to last much longer than an afternoon on the sidewalk in San Francisco, we can't help but expect most of them to be gone come Monday.