Every Friday before Pride, the Trans March kicks things off in Dolores Park. This year's theme is "Trans Generations: Define Your Moment," which can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Needless to say, it's a great theme for a great party. Another thing about the Trans March? It's turned into the Pride party for people who are over Pride.

Gwen from Trans March writes:

Pride's fun. Reeaally fun. The entire city gets covered in rainbows and unicorns, hot strangers from parts unknown descend upon your local bars and you get to party like it's 1999, 1989, 1979 and 2009 all rolled up into one all in the same weekend and sometimes even in the same night! It's a good time of the year. We're big fans.

But all that partying isn't for everyone. It's great when you're at that time in your life, but for those who aren't there yet, for those who are totally over it, for those who can't be around it anymore, and for a whole bunch of others, it can be a little uncomfortable. That's why we're promoting our event as a true all ages affair that genuinely welcomes youth, families, seniors, sober folks and all other people who might not want to be around intoxicants.

Hey, don't get us wrong. We love to get drinks and if you catch us at the after party at El Rio, we might even get you a shot. Especially if you're cute! But while we're in the park and we're in the middle of the serious business of creating trans space for all of us AND raising trans awareness in more mainstream culture, we're gonna stay away from the fun flask and we're hoping you'll do the same.

Let's face it, after the parade is done, the Pride party at Civic Center can really turn into one giant brightly-colored shit show, as it did last year where both gay bashing and police brutality occurred at Civic Center. Check out David Wilson's blog for an account, and subsequent threat of a lawsuit, of what went down in 2011.

But there's no need to hate on Pride. It's a fun time for all, yes? Yes. Gays in SF just need to over something because...well, they like being done with things. Or at least saying as much. Anyway, check out all of the sanctioned and non-sanctioned Pride-related events happening this weekend care of SF Bay Guardian's Marke B., Caitlin Donohue, and April M. Short.