The man who interrupted Sunday's U.S. Open trophy ceremony with his bizzarre bird calls and Steve Buscemi eyes is off the hook. As it turns out, the 40-year-old man was identified as one Andrew James Dudley of Wallasey, England and according to the SFPD committed no crime Sunday other than being a quirky weirdo — and that has never been illegal in San Francisco, as far as anyone can tell.

Because Dudley, who sometimes goes by "Jungle Bird" and is a noted deforestation activist, had a ticket, Cops aren't charging him with trespassing. He had been drinking, apparently, but as SFPD spokesman Albie Esparza put it, "All he did was go on the green of the 18th hole and make a bird noise." And apparently that's his schtick, he's got a whole Facebook page full of such videos.

Webb Simpson, whose big moment in the spotlight Dudley spoiled so majestically, got his way though. Before Dudley ended up spending some time in the drunk tank, Webb himself commented, "Enjoy that jail cell, pal." Although, we suspect a sponsorship deal with Polo Ralph Lauren legally requires you to say stuff like that while on TV.

Anyhow, because we just can't get enough of Bob Costas looking minuscule and talking about the gendarmes like he's the Napoleon of NBC Sports, here's that video again:

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