Last night, Scissor Sisters played the Fox Theater in Oakland, and afterwards there was a crowded afterparty at the Redwood Room in San Francisco attended by many a young gay man wearing eyeliner. Also, Ana Matronic made an appearance, popping in to lip sync to one of the numbers she'd just sang in the show ("Let's Have a Kiki") with one of the grand dames of the S.F. drag scene, Glamamore.

In the video, you'll see Glamamore in some not-great-for-video lighting starting the number wearing a see-through eye mask and gown. Ana comes in around he 1:30 mark. The full song can be heard a little more clearly here, and it's from the Sisters' latest album, The Magic Hour.

For those confused by the terminology, a "kiki" is a term used by New Yorkers to refer to an apartment party involving some runway-esque strutting and such. This is not to be confused with a ki ki, pronounced "kai kai" like "eye eye," which is when two drag queens hook up or have sex. Also, the term was used in the lesbian community in the 70s to refer to lesbians who were neither butch nor femme.*

* This has been corrected to reflect confusion between "kai kai" and "kiki," which are generally spelled the same and which we think derive from the same slang roots, but we have no time for urban etymology just now...