While we throughly enjoyed gushing over Priscilla Chan's lovely Claire Pettibone wedding number, the Zuckerberg nuptials apparently did not fit the expectations of online wedding crashers who would rather see a big budget reality TV extravaganza.

The New York Post, a paper not exactly known for being subtle, reveals their disappointment in Zuckerberg's ring selection today by comparing Chan's "itty-bitty" ruby to fake-married Kim Kardashian's $2 million chunk of carbon atoms:

Zucker-bride Priscilla Chan dined out in Palo Alto, Calif., this week revealing the itty-bitty rock her man — who is worth about $17 billion on paper — put on her finger as they exchanged vows Saturday.

But the ring — a ruby bookended by two diamonds — was estimated to be worth just $25,000 by one jeweler.

Even 72-day bride Kim Kardashian got a $2 million engagement ring from groom Kris Humphries.

Instead of the fairy-tale ceremony of most women’s dreams, Chan wound up with a wedding in her own back yard that featured $7.50 Mexican food.

What the Post seems to forget here is that weddings, backyard or otherwise, are generally put on for the enjoyment of the couple that is actually getting hitched, rather than all the folks peering over the fence, as it were. Still, the paper finds backup in some shade thrown from fellow haters across the pond, where wedding watching is practically a national pastime:

"What happened to three months’ salary, Mark?” joked one report in the Daily Mail, that noted the ring was probably worth about $25,000, which would be like a regular working guy giving his bride $1 ring out of gum machine.

Meanwhile, in an impressively atypical show of restraint, class and common sense, at least one Internet commenter has taken the Post to task for hating on a quirky wedding between a couple 28-year-olds:

I know that Mark Zuckerberg has lots of money, but did you ever consider this is the ring SHE WANTED? She's a doctor...works with children...she's low key and isn't flashy. The most expensive thing she had was her dress ($4,700). Perhaps they like Mexican food...

Which: Yes, this is California, after all. We probably shouldn't expect a New York paper to understand the romance found in an inexpensive plate of carnitas. But we are still dying to know: did it come from a truck?

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