See yours? No? Well, there's a whole downloadable doc here at the Mission Police Station site where you can scan through to see if your bike is in there. Ingleside Station officers were responsible for the recovery of this cache of stolen bicycles, over 100 in all, found in Oakland. We're awaiting further information from the investigator on this ring of rampant bicycle thieves and we're unclear if they've been arrested or if this was connected to the Craigslist bust back in February.

But in the meantime, behold the sad lineup of mostly one-wheeled bike frames, which we guess largely belonged to San Francisco residents.

Update: An officer in SFPD's media relations unit confirmed that there has been an arrest made in the case but the investigation is ongoing. In total, 118 bikes and about 80 rims/wheels were uncovered at the Oakland location. More details on this will be coming as the official press release comes out tomorrow.

[Mission Station]

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