Starting this Friday at 7 p.m., Muni will be shutting down the N-Judah and part of the J-Church for 10 days while they complete some ongoing track work on Carl Street and around Church and Duboce. Because space will be limited on the shuttle replacements, Muni Chief Ed Reiskin provided some helpful advice for dealing with the interrupted service: "We're asking everyone who can bike, walk or even work from home to ensure space on the Muni shuttle for those who cannot."

In addition to the N and J line shutdowns, the 22-Fillmore and N-Owl lines are also getting rerouted. Part of the Wiggle will be torn up as well, so cyclists are advised to avoid the mess by taking Market Street, 14th Street or Sanchez Street. For a full list of affected Muni lines and what to expect around the construction next week, check Muni's handy shutdown page.

Since those Muni lines will be out for most of the able-bodied riders, now would be a good time to review our handy guide to sidewalk manners.